If you’re interested in what I’m working on currently, here’s the low-down on a couple of my projects.

The Father:

October 31st, 1998: seven-year old Erin Chambers stumbles out of the woods near her home with no memory of the past twenty-four hours. Her brother Jack is nowhere to be seen.

In 1998 the Chambers siblings were the last victims of ‘The Father’, a serial abductor terrorising England by luring pairs of siblings from their beds. But unlike the other stolen children, including her brother, Erin was returned alive.

Traumatised and unable to remember what happened, Erin has spent the last decade moving on. Until now. Now it has started again. A brother and sister abducted from their home in Derbyshire, grafitti on the walls in blood – an ominous promise: ‘The Father is Back’.

This time he won’t stop until he is dead. The police are stumped and running out of time. Erin is their only hope. If only she can remember the truth about what really happened the night she and her brother were stolen…


American ex-private investigator Roma King has left behind her old life in the States in favour of a new one in the idyllic English countryside. Still haunted by memories of the past, she has been struggling to carve out a new world, with new friends, a new job – a fresh start. But when Detective Matthew Fox calls her to inform her of the death of her friend, English teacher Laura Kittel, Roma’s new life collapses.

Fox tells her that Laura’s death looks to be a suicide, but Roma can’t believe it. And when Fox asks her to step back and let him investigate, she can’t do that either. The more she finds out about Laura’s life in the weeks before her death, the more Roma believes that something strange is going on. Something deeply rooted and very dangerous. And when Laura’s death is indeed proved to be murder…

Let’s just say that old habits die hard. Soon enough Roma is back in the saddle, determined to find out what happened to Laura before anybody else gets hurt.


Mystery author Diana Collins has been obsessed with Briar House for as long as she can remember. Ever since a six-year old girl died on the property thirty years ago the house has been empty. Rumour has it that the place is haunted, and nobody in town dares step foot inside. And people like it that way.

So when Briar House is finally sold, Diana can’t help but be curious. Especially when she meets Juno, the house’s new owner, and spies an opportunity to find the answers to her questions. Like, who killed Susie Briar? And why will nobody talk about what happened that day?

Diana is drawn to Juno, and soon her quest for knowledge becomes equally about getting to know this enigmatic stranger. But despite Diana’s affection for her new neighbour, not everybody is happy to have a newcomer in town. People don’t want a nosey writer digging up the past either – and when Diana and Juno start receiving ghostly threats, and somebody breaks into Juno’s house, Diana starts to realise something…

Asking questions only leads to trouble. And sometimes, it’s best to leave secrets buried.

For more information on either (including progress, updates, and other fun stuff), just choose the project from the drop-down menu above.


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