Inspirational Images #15 “Through the Trees”

I know I post a lot of these woodland images, but I think they’re really beautiful. Just look at the haunting quality, imagine the things these trees might have seen in their time…

Through the trees

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Optional Writing prompt:

Write me a 500 word story set on this road – start to finish set on this road. You cannot, for any reason, leave this path. Why? And, go.


As always, feel free to post anything you write in the comments below!


Inspirational Images #14 “The Woods”

into the woods

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I’ve been thinking a lot about woodlands and forests recently. It’s all wrapped up in my newest novel idea. I won’t say much, but isn’t there something fantastical about this whole space? The lighting is warm but casts strange shadows… You never know what’s around the next bend.

I love it.

Inspirational Images #12 “Colour Me This”


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Isn’t this the most beautiful picture? So many colours. I love anything with silhouettes because it reminds me of those little souvenirs you buy at the beach. ❤

Optional writing prompt:

Colour can be really important in a piece of writing. It can really change the atmosphere of a story, make certain tensions or alliances between characters stand out. You can change the way the whole piece feels if the grass is yellow instead of green.

So write me a piece in which colour is NOT the focus, but in which colour is still crucial to my understanding of the scene. Is the sky purple, or is it black? Are the waves grey, or turquoise or brown?

As always, feel free to post in the comments with anything you come up with!

Inspirational Images #10 “Solar Eclipse”

Doing something a little bit different today. This morning England (and Europe and elsewhere) experienced a solar eclipse, the likes of which we haven’t really seen since 1999/2003. I tried my best to get some pictures, but since most of England was obscured by pretty heavy cloud it was difficult.

It got really dark here. Not like night-time dark, but “it’s definitely about to chuck it down” dark. It looked like the clouds had gone black and rainy. The birds went really quiet, and it got pretty cold too. I only managed to get a view from my dad’s office, and then the whole thing was clouded over. Still, the atmosphere was really eerie, like you’re in some kind of twilight world and everything’s sort of grey.

Anyway, I think there’s something pretty mystical about a solar eclipse that occurs on the Spring Equinox, so today I’ll give you these images.

Eclipse 2015

[Image source: taken by me from a phone. Sorry for quality!]

Eclipse 2015 - tumblr

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No prompt today. Just go away and have a good long think about the awesomeness of the world. ❤

Inspirational Images #6 “Lost”


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Optional prompt:

What is your character reading RIGHT NOW?

Don’t think too hard about it. Just tell me.

Roma is reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because Fox won’t stop ribbing her about not having read it. She’s reading the English edition for the same reason, despite already owning the American one.

How about yours?