About Fran

fffSometimes writing as F. L. Gunn. Other times, just as Fran.

24 year old writer of crime (and a bundle of other genres) from Derby, U.K. I currently split my time between London (where I am studying the Creative Writing (Novels) MA at City University), and Derby (where I live and am working for Waterstones).

I have three dogs, a cat, and a family that is more demanding than all the pets put together. In my spare time I read a lot, write a lot, and watch a lot of bad crime shows on TV. Also I’m addicted to buying books, which means I always have far more to read than is humanly possible, and if I don’t post for a few weeks it may be due to being trapped underneath a toppled stack of them!

Currently I’m working on two novels of my own:

Penumbra, a new novel, which I’m hoping will have the fortune to be my debut – this project is part of the MA, and not my first novel (although I haven’t ever tried to become published).

Briar, an older project that is currently in its editing stages & which I’m hoping to use my new skills to polish.

This website is a little bit of everything – so hopefully it’ll be interesting for people. My aim is to create a comprehensive and informative space for writers and readers of crime fiction alike. And also nosy people, too. ^^


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