Back from the Dead?

Hi internet-land!

It’s been a long summer. A long, long summer. I finished two jobs, started another one (in a BOOK STORE), went through a break-up, started a novel from scratch, went on two holidays, and have been dealing with a poorly dog. So, uh, I haven’t updated. And for that I’m sorry! But for those of you who are still out there, rest assured that I’m not dead, just dealing.

And I’m still reading. So very soon I’ll get started on the backlog of reviews I have for you all. And now I’m working fewer hours I might start posting two a week (not to get too ahead of myself or anything…) just to clear my brain of all the book thoughts I’ve been having! (So, so many book thoughts).

So look out for updates, gang. They are coming. 🙂 Thank you all for your patience.


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