Crimefest 2015, Birthday & May Book Haul

Yes, I’ve been promising this post for a week now. What can I say? I’ve been busy. So, last week (14 – 17 May) I attended Crimefest 2015 in Bristol with some of my fellow Criminals (MA students). A few of us travelled down on Thursday morning and met up with another few when we got there, and we even bumped into our tutors Claire McGowan, Bill Ryan and Laura Wilson (although we were very grown up and did our best to mingle on our own (in a smaller pack) without their help).

What can I say about the weekend? Only that it was one of the best ever. I got to meet a bunch of down-to-earth yet freakishly awesome authors, discover a whole load of new talent; I got a bucket (suitcase) full of free books, bought another handful (or six) of books whose authors were speaking on the panels; I even got some other free swag when our newbie pub quiz team did better than expected! It was seriously the bomb. If you’re ever considering going to one of these literary conventions, although I can’t speak for them all I’d say GO FOR IT! I had such a fantastic weekend and was absolutely gutted to have to come home at the end of it. So, here is some photo spam of the amazing haul from the Crimefest weekend!

Crimefest 10 - 2015 Crimefest 9 - 2015

The convention was hosted in the Bristol Mariott Hotel. A lovely, grand building that was the perfect space for such a great event. When we gathered in the King’s Room for the pub quiz, one of our group commented that it would have made for a perfect murder mystery setting – and I had to agree!

Crimefest 4 - 2015

Speaking of pub quiz, we managed to win ourselves several free books (shown below with a few I also bought), and we were given goodie bags as well! At the pub quiz I also managed to win myself DVDs of Broadchurch and The Missing (I’ve somehow managed to have not seen either yet, so no spoilers please!) and an audio book version of Elizabeth George’s Believing the Lie – 22 hours of play time that I am hella excited to listen to! It’ll be my first full audio book experience.

Crimefest 1 - 2015 Crimefest 2 - 2015Crimefest 3 - 2015Here, then, is the full glory of the Crimefest Haul! That awesome canvas bag came with four free books in it, and the rest I either grabbed free on the book swap table or bought with my own precious pennies. The lanyard is the coolest one I’ve ever had, and it came in that evidence bag. Everything was so crime-y I could have cried. ❀

And I even managed to get a few books signed, too. All but one are personalised, and Elizabeth Haynes wrote a lovely message (not pictured because my camera screwed up). I also just realised that my signed copy of A. K. Benedict’s The Beauty of Murder has somehow escaped all of these photographs, which is silly because it’s such a gorgeous book. Oops! (Don’t worry, you’ll see it when I get around to reviewing it!)

Crimefest 5 - 2015 Crimefest 6 - 2015

And to top off the week, we also managed to meet the ever-chill, awesome, walking-around-like-one-of-the-mere-mortals Lee Child. He just wandered over and we had a good chat, about writing festivals and writing, and the fact that our entire class had a conference call with him during one of Bill Ryan’s seminars last semester. So, that happened.

Crimefest 7 - Litty Jenny Lee Child & Chris - 2015

Which led to this reaction at the end of the long weekend:

Crimefest 8 - 2015

Anyway. It was amazing. And I’m sure you’re all bored now.

So, then my birthday happened and I turned 24. I’d mentioned a few crime-y books I wanted, so of course my friends obliged (and scarily enough I have another Β£50 to spend on Amazon and another Β£10 to spend in Waterstones, so this isn’t even the end of the birthday haul!) I’m very excited about all of them, especially The Ice Twins and Cemetery Girl.

Birthday 2 - 2015

So, yeah. Basically I now have 50+ crime books (not even counting any of the other genres or proofs/ARCs) on my TBR shelf. I guess I’d better get reading!

Sorry for the picture heavy post, gang. But it’s not my fault – honest! I you all have a lovely rest of your Sunday, and a lovely bank holiday if you’re in the UK.


7 thoughts on “Crimefest 2015, Birthday & May Book Haul

    • franwritesstuff says:

      Thank you! Yeah it was absolutely amazing. Well worth the money and I’ll definitely be going back next year. Everybody was just so friendly and it was so accessible, which isn’t at all like I’d thought but definitely a good thing! πŸ˜€


    • franwritesstuff says:

      Haha, thank you! It really was worth it so if you are ever anywhere near you should check it out. But there are lots of awesome crime festivals that are out your way too, right? Well, maybe not local but perhaps closer than Bristol πŸ˜›

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