Motivation Monday: Writing Prompt #1

Today I’m not going to give you a prose- or poetry-writing prompt, but a character prompt. Just to get you thinking. So, my thought for the day is:

If your character (or I suppose you) had to eat only one meal for the rest of their natural life – breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks – what meal would they choose?

Why? How hard is it for them to choose? Do they regret their choice?

I’m sure my detective Cassiopeia Mars would choose toast with butter – because she’s boring that way and can’t get enough of fresh bread (and basically eats it with every meal anyway!) I don’t think the choice would be very hard, but Cassie would probably agonise over it afterwards. Forever.

So how about you?

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2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Writing Prompt #1

  1. missjennlynn says:

    My character Kane is a knight, and right away I knew that I’m sure he would think about it for maybe 30 seconds and then pick stew. It’s warm, it’s filling, and it’s his favourite thing to eat when he gets home after he’s been camping and sleeping in the cold for days.

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