Inspirational Images #15 “Through the Trees”

I know I post a lot of these woodland images, but I think they’re really beautiful. Just look at the haunting quality, imagine the things these trees might have seen in their time…

Through the trees

[Click image for source]

Optional Writing prompt:

Write me a 500 word story set on this road – start to finish set on this road. You cannot, for any reason, leave this path. Why? And, go.


As always, feel free to post anything you write in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Inspirational Images #15 “Through the Trees”

  1. missjennlynn says:

    Why can’t I write anything normal? Also, sorry I went a tad over your word suggestion. If you find the source for your Hufflepuff thing, let me know, I’d love a Ravenclaw one. πŸ™‚


  2. missjennlynn says:

    Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path. Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path. She ran down the path as trees loomed up on either side of her out of the mist. There was still an hour or so of daylight left but through the autumn leaves and the fog as thick as treacle it was muted and dull. It was amazing how frightening the half light could be.
    Keep running. Her wet shoes skidded on the stones as she ran, terror propelling her longer than she would normally be able to go. Her legs were starting to ache and there was a painful stitch in her chest that was making it hard to breath but still she ran. Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path. But she was slowing down. Her brain was frantically screaming at her legs to keep pumping, her feet to keep swinging forward, but she couldn’t anymore. She stopped, freezing in place to listen. There was no sound from any direction, no birds or insects, or anything, and somehow that was worse.
    Don’t look back and stay on the path. She started to walk, clutching the cramp in her side. Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path. Well, she couldn’t run, but she could walk. She was still moving, surely that counted for something. She froze as a light winked on and off between the trees ahead of her. As she watched it, the little orb swayed as if it hung from the tree on a chain, and then it disappeared. She waited, counting the seconds under her breath. A minute and nothing. Two; still nothing. Four and not a breath. She crept forward, heart in her mouth, looking around the tree as much as she could without leaving the path. There was nothing there.
    Stay on the path. She could barely jog and her legs protested every step but terror fueled her again. Now she was losing her sanity, too. A light flickered on her left and went out when she turned to look at it. There was a blue glow on the right as she ran past, then another on the left, a yellow one in front, and suddenly they were appearing all around her. She spun, trying to see them all, her eyes wide with fear. They were all floating in the fog in front of her; the path behind was completely dark.
    She had stopped running. She had looked back. She could hear something now, echoing off the water droplets in the air so that it seemed to come from every direction. But it was definitely the faint sound of running footsteps and they were getting louder. She took off again, ignoring the lights, and stumbling and slipping as she went. Steps, steps, steps. She could hear the steps over her own now.
    Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path. The steps seemed to be right behind her now, but when she glanced behind her the path was empty save for swirling fog as far as she could see. Stay on the path. Steps, steps. There was a copse of trees ahead that looked just big enough to hide her. Yes, that would work. The steps were far enough back yet that she was out of sight. Her foot hovered over the stone edging for a second, and then she plunged off into the trees and dead leaves.
    Keep running, don’t look back, and stay on the path…


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