Work, work, work…

Despite it being very quiet in the office this week, I’ve actually been incredibly busy. We had a staff meeting with a bunch of new goals, so I’m scurrying around with my head down at the moment. Funnily enough it’s made me realise how much blogging I actually so during my working hours. Oops.

So yesterday would have been my normal Murder, They Wrote! day. Luckily I did get ahead during the long Easter weekend, but I still have two books I need to write reviews for. Don’t Turn Around by Caroline Mitchell and The Ladies of the House by Molly McGrann. Look out for those soon!

I’m getting a new puppy this weekend. I’m so excited, but I also know she will eat into my blogging, writing and reading time so I’m trying to prepare for that. It’s going to be a bit hectic once she arrives. Still, I might post a picture or two.

What is currently slowing your blogging progress? And how do you get yourself back on track?

And while we’re at it: What are you favourite literary pet names? I’m curious. Our puppy already has a name all picked out, but we’ve been agonising for weeks.


5 thoughts on “Work, work, work…

  1. iggy23 says:

    I find it tiring to blog after I come back from my internship everyday but I try to do it on a daily basis because I write a thematic blog – every day is something different. So if I miss a day then maybe a song or a book can’t be reviewed and I’ll have to wait for the next week to do it. But lately I’ve been doing my best to come up with something because I don’t want to end up at a point where I don’t even care about the blog at all. It kinda defeats the purpose why I started blogging. I think being determined will work, unless you’re someone who needs a large amount of motivation 🙂

    I think the name Greg sounds nice for a pet haha. I know it’s a human name but I just find it funny and apt 🙂


    • franwritesstuff says:

      That’s part of the reason I haven’t really given myself a strict day-to-day blog order. I like being able to blog whatever I want when the mood (and time) strikes! But I definitely understand struggling with tiredness; that’s why I tend to do most of my blogging at work before the tiredness hits, haha.

      Greg is a funny name! I like it, hehe.


  2. somemaid says:

    With my kids currently off school, my blogging and writing time has disappeared. I currently blog at least twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays. World building post on Thursday and then a link share of 5 sites I’ve enjoyed that week on Sunday. I am trying to have a couple of monthly blog series to gradually build up to three times a week


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