A BRIAR Update

So, if you remember, I sent Briar out to some beta readers about three weeks ago. And I panicked. Around about this time, I was also advised by my tutor to take a break from writing for a while so I could recharge. (Apparently working two jobs and doing a masters AND writing reams and reams is too much? Who knew!) This also coincided with me deciding that Icebreaker is… not the novel I thought it was. And perhaps not the best one for my to write for the course. So I abandoned the project (for now) and was back at square one with nothing.

So when I sent Briar out I was in a dodgy sort of place. I was terrified. Everything seemed to be going wrong, and I was freaking out.

But fear not.

Over the last few days I’ve had several of my betas get back in touch with me. One passed the novel onto his wife who I’ve never met (which I wasn’t expecting but I’m grateful for) and apparently it gave her nightmares. I’ve never given somebody nightmares before! Exciting stuff.

The other two readers (both of whom I’ve not seen in person in YEARS) said they enjoyed the book. And I’m still waiting to hear back from the rest. So although I know this is just initial feedback, and there will be criticism to come, I’m still pleased.

So far nobody has confessed to finding the novel boring. Nobody has told me they’ve stopped reading. Nobody has said it’s bad.

*take a deep breath*

So maybe everything isn’t as bad as it seems…


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