Inspirational Images #9 “Star Children”

star children

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Isn’t this image just divine?

Optional Prompt:

Write me a 150 word story (exactly 150 words – no more, no less!) that this image makes you think of. Post it in the comments if you like.


8 thoughts on “Inspirational Images #9 “Star Children”

  1. missjennlynn says:

    I fell in love in that moment. We were young, but that didn’t matter, I loved her with the same passion for the rest of my life. Her skin was as black as the night sky and perfect like smooth cloth. Shining dust covered her like a galaxy full of stars, its spinning arms stretched across her hands, and there were constellations on her face. When she lowered her hands there were stars reflected in her glassy white eyes and I nearly gasped at her beauty. I took her hand gently and pressed my lips to it and my heart soared as a smile spread across her face. In that moment I thought I would do anything just to make her smile like that again. The wide expanse of the future was laid out before us, we were young, after all, and we had all of it to spend together.


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