Book Haul [February 2015]

I get so jealous when other people make artsy photos in their blogs or on tumblr, especially when they’ve just got a bunch of new books. So when my book parcel arrived from Amazon today I decided to try the same thing! I had some Christmas money to spend in the form of a voucher, and Amazon had a few books on 3-for-Β£10 which didn’t seem like a bad deal. And then two of the others snuck in so I bought five altogether…

Anyway, I’m super excited to read all of these! And all but one (Kelley Armstrong) are crime/thriller. Having said that, Kelley Armstrong’s characters are often pretty detective-y so I feel safe telling you to go read her books NOW. πŸ˜€

Book haul Feb 2014

Isn’t the cover for The Hourglass Factory super awesome? I think these books all look really cool and I’m having trouble deciding which to read next. Probably Sharon Bolton’s Blood Harvest.

Book haul Feb 2014 2

Anywho, I’m off to read a bit more of Val McDermid’s The Anatomy of Crime while I have a couple of hours spare. And then maybe I’ll do a little bit of writing.

Hey, I can tell myself that, can’t I? Even if it’s not true? … I’m such a procrastinator.

See you later my lovely followers! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


4 thoughts on “Book Haul [February 2015]

  1. amandainpa says:

    Great haul! I think I have Daughter on my wishlist…it looks very interesting. I have a lot of books by Diane Chamberlain but have never read anything by her yet. I need to get on that because I have a feeling I’ll love her books. Looking forward to your reviews on these!


    • franwritesstuff says:

      I saw posters all over the tube for Daughter and thought it looked cool. It’s pretty cheap on Amazon too! I’ve never read anything by Diane Chamberlain but I’ve had several of her books on my wish list for ages. Here’s to hoping!


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