Icebreaker – An Introduction

So what’s this Icebreaker novel you’ve seen me mention a few times now? Spoiler: It’s a novel. My novel. My Work in Progress.

Or at least, that’s the idea. It’s something I’m working on tentatively for my MA in Crime-Thriller Novel Writing. It’s still in fairly early stages, and I’m just about ready to get to writing the first draft. So if you’re following this blog you’ll probably see a few updates about it over the coming year – because that’s essentially how long I have to write it. Just over a year.

But my goal is to get the novel finished by the end of the summer (if not earlier), at least in first-draft form. I write quickly, by nature, but when it comes to editing I am like a child throwing a tantrum. So the plan is to get the bones down before September, when hopefully I will be able to kick-start the editing into gear.

So, what’s this novel about?

American ex-private investigator Roma King has left behind her old life in the States in favour of a new one in the idyllic English countryside. Still haunted by memories of the past, she has been struggling to carve out a new world, with new friends, a new job – a fresh start. But when Detective Matthew Fox calls her to inform her of the death of her friend, English teacher Laura Kittel, Roma’s new life collapses.

Fox tells her that Laura’s death looks to be a suicide, but Roma can’t believe it. And when Fox asks her to step back and let him investigate, she can’t do that either. The more she finds out about Laura’s life in the weeks before her death, the more Roma believes that something strange is going on. Something deeply rooted and very dangerous. And when Laura’s death is indeed proved to be murder…

Let’s just say that old habits die hard. Soon enough Roma is back in the saddle, determined to find out what happened to Laura before anybody else gets hurt.

Yep. That’s it, folks. It stills needs a lot of polishing, but I’m sure it’ll all become clearer as I start to write. Anyway, check back in the tag for updates on my progress, along with pictures, planning methods etc. as I go. Next time, I’ll probably do some sort of character profile for Roma!


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